At W & S Christie Roofing we have been offering more than just roofing repairs since 1810. Our skilled tradesmen are able to investigate and pinpoint the cause of any guttering defect and carry out the necessary repair works.

Most commonly gutters are obstructed or damaged by falling leaves and other debris. We take care of the maintenance of guttering quickly and efficiently in order to prevent problems both externally and internally at your property.

Guttering Maintenance

Our skilled tradesmen are highly trained and able to replace any existing and defective guttering on both traditional and contemporary properties.

We will take photographs of the defects to share with you – so that you can see exactly what work is required and provide you with the various options available.

We regularly use a variety of products from uPVC and ornate guttering to cast iron and lead depending on what is most suitable for your property.


Our Tradesmen are all fully qualified and all have in excess of 12 years service with W & S Christie Roofing.  Vast experience with working on all domestic roof types and are especially sympathetic to the needs of Edinburgh’s historic buildings and residences.

We believe that all our clients should enjoy the highest levels of service and professionalism throughout the customer journey.  Our dedicated office staff will ensure that you’re fully informed of the progress of your contract and our experienced tradesmen will be more than happy to fully explain the work that has been carried out.